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East Side Elementary 2013-14 

What We Teach... We are committed to doing our best to keep parents informed. As a valuable partner in the education of our students, you the parent, need to know what is required of schools and school children. At East Side--as in all of our schools in JISD--we follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as the State of Texas' mandated curriculum. We work very hard to make sure that these essentials are taught in a scope and sequence that helps build knowledge and skills in students throughout the school year and from grade level to grade level.

How We Teach... Our district and our campus has high expectations of achievement for all students. We believe all children can learn and all children deserve access to a challenging and engaging school experience. From a first grader learning about capitals and end punctuation the first six weeks of school to a fourth grader writing a full-page composition on the TAKS test in March, it is imperative that we give every child the opportunity to have a meaningful, thought-provoking learning environment.

The TEKS... Below you will find links to the Texas Education Agency's "Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills." These are what we are required by law to teach within the scope of a grade level. We hope that this will be beneficial in helping parents know what their children are expected to learn. You may also want to visit for more information on this and other state requirements.


East Side Elementary is
TEA Academically "Acceptable"


Our mission at East Side Elementary is to provide a positive, safe, respectful school environment where students are encouraged to celebrate diversity, maximize student strengths, and pursue the highest levels of learning for optimal success.

East Side
Elementary is home to 680 students from PK - 4th grade. The East Side family has high expectations academically and behaviorally for each individual and is committed to services for all students. The programs and special services offered include gifted & talented, second language acquisition, one-way dual language, special education, reading & math interventions, reading & math inclusion, speech, dyslexia program, media center, science lab, art, social skills, computer, music, and physical education.

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Nuestra misión en East Side es crear un ambiente seguro y respetuoso en donde se anime a los estudiantes a celebrar la diversidad, maximizar las fortalezas estudiantiles y alcanzar los niveles más altos de aprendizaje para tener el mejor de los éxitos.        

La primaria East Side es una escuela de 680 estudiantes en grados PK - 4to. La familia East Side tiene altas expectativas académicas y de comportamiento para todos los individuos y se compromete a dar servicios educativos a todos los estudiantes. Los programas y servicios especiales ofrecidos incluyen el programa de superdotados, inglés como segundo idioma, doble idioma de dirección única, educación especial, intervenciones de lectura y matemáticas, inclusión de lectura y matemáticas, lenguaje, programa de dislexia, sciencias, habilidades sociales, arte, computación, música y educación física. Además nuestra escuela es el sitio de una maravillosa organización de padres y maestros.  

Dancing With The STAARS

East Side Administration and teachers presented "Dancing With the STAARS" to help prepare and encourage fourth grade students for the STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) Writing tests.  Judges "Bruno, Carrie Anne, and Len" scored performances based on introduction, details, conclusions and having a plan. Third grade teachers, Miss Butler and Mrs. Hernandez danced to an 80's song of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Principal Cargill and secretary, Mrs. Horton couldn't decide if they were dancing to a ballet or performing hip hop.  Third grade teacher, Mrs. McKnight and first grade teacher, Miss Simmons danced a jig to Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train.  The "STAARS" of the show were Ms. Cargill's very own parents who jitterbugged to "Rock Around the Clock."  Students had a great time as they made the connection making a plan, having exciting details and ending with a strong conclusion just like the dancers.