Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jacksonville High School

It's Senior Week at JHS!!

Senior Bonfire will be held Wednesday Evening at 7:00pm by the Field House Parking Lot.

Senior Zombie Pep Rally will be at Mauldin Field at 9:15am on Friday morning for the entire campus.

Senior Night at the Tomato Bowl to start at 7:00pm.

These are the Announcements for Wednesday, October 29, 2014

  1. All permission forms and drug testing forms for UIL participants are due to Mrs. Gowin by Friday, October 31st. 


  2. The ASVAB assessment will be tomorrow morning.  An announcement will be made during first period to release the juniors and seniors signed up for this to go to the cafeteria. This will last until noon.  Students remember to go through the gym foyer if you travel to the CTE building.  Do not walk through the cafeteria.


  3. Tutorials for English 1 EOC will be today after school.  If you are retaking the STAAR English 1 test in December and Mr. Peacock gave you a tutorial calendar, make sure that you are in your assigned classroom at 3:45.


  4. If you are interested in being part of Bleacher Creatures during basketball season, please attend the interest meeting on Wednesday November 5th at 7:45am in the student commons area. T-shirt sizes will be collected at the meeting. So, please be sure to attend.

  5. Don’t forget there will be a bonfire this evening at 7:00 pm by the field house parking lot.  Also on Thursday evening there will be a pep rally practice in the boys’ gym for seniors only that want to participate in the senior pep rally skit on Friday.  Remember Friday is Zombie Day too! You may dress as any kind of Zombie you wish.  Modesty rules apply, nothing low cut and shorts must be to the knee even if you have on tights or leggings. The Senior Zombie pep rally will take place on Friday morning at Mauldin Field at 9:15am and it will be for all students to attend.




Seniors are encouraged to visit the GO Center for all scholarship information or see Mrs. Pierce.

Texas Engineering Foundation  Due on 1-9-2015

East Texas Professional Credit Union  Due on 3-1-2015

2014-2015 Bell Schedule

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Mission Statement

The mission of Jacksonville High School is to create a supportive community of learners that will meet the academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of high school students in a safe and orderly environment.